Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

The Anaesthesiology Team at Timberland Medical Centre aims to provide the following:

To provide immediate pre-anaesthetic evaluation of the patient and determine appropriate anesthetic management before surgery, with safety and good outcome the most important factors;

To render the patient insensible to pain and comfortable for the any diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, surgical operations  and obstetric procedures by administering safe general or regional anaesthetic;

To monitor and support the vital organ systems during the peri-operative period with appropriate monitoring equipment to ensure safe and successful anaesthesia;

To provide immediate post-anaesthetic management of the patient especially pain relief, nausea and vomiting;

To provide resuscitation (CPR) and stabilisation of any emergency, life threatening condition including intensive care;

To provide pain relief for childbirth and safeguard the well being of both the mother and baby.

Doctors working within Anaesthesiology & Critical Care:

Dr. Lim Yong Peng

Qualifications: MBBS (IMU) Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

Dr. Aishah Adenan

MD (UKM) MMed (Anaes) National Specialist Register No : 126660 Qualifications : MD, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia)…